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Member Application Template

Post  Daniel on Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:32 pm

Application Requirements:
All of the below MUST be met to be eligible to apply into MMOWorlds.

1. If you have posted a previous application you must wait a minimum of 14 days to re-apply.
2. Your forum post count ratio MUST be at minimum 1.0. (Post count checks happen every council meeting)
3. You must be at least 15 years of age.
4. Must be noticeably active in our Ventrilo server.
5. Must be noticeably active in the servers.
6. Must be a mature gamer.
7. Must be able to take orders from superiors.
8. Must be friendly.
9. Must be a member of the Steam Community group. Link: Join the community group here. (Subscribing, Liking, and Following will make you standout more; ex. Youtube, xFire, Facebook)
10. Must post an introduction of yourself. Link: Introduce yourself here if you have yet to.
11. Must set our group as your primary steam group. Link: Tutorial here.
12. Must invite all your friends to the steam group. Link: Tutorial here.

If you meet all of the above requirements, please post your application with the following template.
1. In-game Name: (ex. -no3- killerB )
2. Steam ID: (ex. STEAM_0:1:123456)
3. Steam Login: (ex. killerB123, Used when logging into steam, this is required so others may add you to their friends list.)
4. Age:
5. Location: (ex. Sacramento, California, USA)
6. Do you have a clear, working mic?
7. Which servers do you play on?:
8. Why do you want to be a part of MMOWorlds?:
9. Did anyone refer you to MMOWorlds?:

All persons who submit and application must do so by starting a new topic/thread using the template above, with "Member Application - [name]" entered into the subject field.

Flaming is strictly prohibited on all applications. If you are going to post a negative review of a player make sure to include a mature reason as to why, without flaming.


No. You are not yet noticeably active enough in our ventrilo. Though if you start to pop in more I will change my vote. ; )


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